Mobile phone display security - increase profits

Use mobile phone display security to keep an eye on your shop’s bottom line. Display the shop’s mobile phones safely, increase profit and prevent theft. Feel free to contact us to hear more about our mobile phone display security.

Safe and easy to use display of mobile phone

We provide customer friendly, plug-and-play mobile phone display security that also works as appealing product placement. With our quick implementation products you can display mobile phones safely and at the same time maximize the shop’s sales potential.

Customized mobile phone display security

Sensorline carry a wide range of products for mobile phone display security. We also offer customized display of mobile phone and we take great pride in making your store more attractive for customers and far less attractive for shoplifters. We do this through creating safe store environments that stimulate buying behavior and reduce theft. Our safe display of mobile phone is easy to use and can be self-installed.

Become a retailer of our mobile phone display security products

If you work with the design or decoration of shops and showrooms and want the option to offer your customers top-of-the-line mobile phone display security, please contact us to hear more about the possibility of becoming a retailer of our compact, intelligent and safe display of mobile phone.

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